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Hello! Thanks for reading our trip blog. We started thinking about the idea of taking an extended trip back in the Spring of 2012. We were initially inspired by my sister and her boyfriend, Rebecca and Bob, who were then in the middle of a 10-month motorcycle trip from Kentucky to South America. Then, our good friend and intrepid adventurer, Emily, took a 6-month trip that included South East Asia. Around the same time, we started reading the blog of one of Lori’s former colleagues and his wife who set out to travel the world for a year and began their trip in South East Asia.

Amazing stories and images from these inspiring folks were floating through our heads as Lori was finishing her PhD and a four year project at work, and John was coming up on six years at his job. We were both looking for a change. Realizing that our apartment lease was up in November, the timing of all of these things lined up perfectly. If we were going to do some extended traveling, now was the time.

We had both traveled a bit but neither of us had been to South East Asia and we liked the idea of exploring a new place together. Long story short, after quite a bit of deliberating, saving, planning, and soul searching, we decided to go for it, skip town, and travel through South East Asia for a few months.

Thanks again for joining us on our journey. Feel free to comment on our posts with any suggestions, or email us here: loriandjohnskiptown@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About Lori and John

  1. Mack Lipsey (from Clays wedding)love the blog and blog's appearance. What camera are you using? on said:

    Love the blog and its appearance and photos. What camera are you using?

    • Hi Mack,
      Thanks! I am using a Sony Cyber Shot, and John has a much nicer Nikon 3000 D. It is nice to have both of them, but I prefer the smaller one for traveling. If you have an iPhone, that can be nice to use for photos as well.

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